Build Your Solid Base Through Movement

The only expert teacher training where you learn that your base is a reflection of your movement in every situation. For the expert who wants to move beyond his or her familiar patterns.

Connect With Trust

Get to know yourself in detail so you can give yourself the trust when connecting with the others

You Can Do It

Move with love towards what you want to learn in life

Explore Through Movement

Use daily movements to face your own patterns and your students' with the help of our movement methodology

The Purpose

Our 200 hours Experience-Based Teacher Course is ideal for teachers who want to teach but are currently stuck within their daily life activities.

Within the 200 hours, we will go through the process of creating a solid foundation for yourself and your students by doing one single movement. By the end of the training, every move will always be full of fun and confidence.

Leave behind being disappointed of yourself, punishing yourself or end up scrolling behind your socials. You have a powerful plan, and you feel that  every movement counts.

Give yourself a training partner who gets the best out of your own abilities. Together, we train and create a solid base for your personal life and your craft as a teacher


We think we have to be able to do it all ourselves and we no longer ask for help. The fact is when we accept help from others, we create a connection. When we just move without this connection, we end up getting lost in our own bubble of stories without any answers.  We lose our confidence and our drive to succeed.

We start the classes by inviting you to go back to that moment of the day where you started something completely new, something out of your comfort zone, you tried it, you started! But you stopped, because it was too much to handle for you alone.  And this happens constantly; you move, you move a little closer and you stop, because you don't know what to do and how to do it. And so, life goes on until we want to realise, we don't need to do this alone?! We are in this together.

The Answer

A great ode to yourself. It wasn't easy but you should appreciate the effort you've made till now.                        During the teacher course while connecting to others, you create your own strong base through your own movement, to  maximise your abilities.  You will come to a point where you feel you deserve the equal chance and to take the space with Eas by teaching based on our experience-based curriculum, we teach you by moving how to move out of this comfort zone; Click here for our curriculum.  

Our Way of Working

You don't create a connection by focusing only on the other of yourself, or by hiding in room. You don't create a true connection by learning a new skill either.

Connection exists from discovery your movementyour base within and how you can present and share yourself automatically to others. It is knowing what you needs and desires and fulfilling them through movement.

We train from 06.00 till 7.30 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday* with training your own movement. We move together online. You practice by connecting with each other while working on your personal mission at your own pace supported by the rest of the group.

Our Awesome Team


Willemijn Nunnikhoven


Eugenius Ray

Tech Support

Joyce 't Hart


Your Contribution

A safe and supportive learning environment

To build a solid base in ourselves and to start our day in our body instead of the mind we train 3 times a week together.

This is to setup a strong foundation for our day and discover how we can stay in our body trough out our days. On Friday you have the possibility to ask questions and connect with each other. 

Online classes

In our online classes; We teach you how to design, adjust, correct, modify and structure experiences and how you can make a difference in what you already do on a daily base by looking closely to yourself and your own movement.


The Final Exam

After submitting your own evaluations, recorded lessons, and giving your weekly lessons to the group, you will receive a certificate experience-based movement teacher level 3. You can offer a full program with yourself as a powerful base and make the difference where you reached your maximum potential. 

No experience needed

For this course it does not matter whether you have been coaching or teaching. There is no difference between you and the other person, the only difference we see is the one we create in ourselves. Please note that

Prior education

NO prior education is required. However, you do need to have an open, curious mind and the WILL to question what you still believe might not be true. 

Most don't start
The first excuse that participants often make is yes in a few months then I sign up, now months later they are still wandering on. Wandering with the next excuse that 200 hours is a lot of hours, the investment a lot of money and in the meantime, they know that they have to do something, so the brave ones decide to invest in time, in commitment and in money.

Once we have started the training, we hear no different than how great it is to train your own movement, because you have been able to give yourself space, it gives you clarity and you feel your body being satisfied after doing the training. You see what it means, and you don't want anything else.