Minimum Effort, Maximum Result

The only expert teacher training where you learn that your movement is a direct mirror in every moment. For the expert who wants to learn from every movement beyond his or her current ceiling.

Connect With Trust

Get to know yourself in detail so you can give yourself the trust when connecting with the others

You Can Do It

Move with love towards what you want to learn in life

Explore Through Movement

The basics of how to solve a pattern with Bio development, Hatha yoga, fitness (HIIT) and HIIB

The Purpose

This teacher training is ideal for teachers who are already teaching, but still get stuck somewhere in their daily life.

During the 500 hours, we'll guide you to move beyond your current ceiling by doing a single movement and how to apply this method in your business. From here, you will see that YOU are the framework to always bring movement with pleasure and confidence to a standstill situation.

Every day you will feel the mission to get the best out of yourself and your student with the same amount of pleasure and confidence

Give yourself a training partner who gets the best out of your own abilities. Together, we train and create a solid base for your personal life and your craft as a teacher


We think we have already done so much about our development, but in doing so we forget the power of our own movement. In doing so, we forget the power of our own natural movement.  While seeing our current movement; how we talk, what we do, how we dress is the answer to everything. The connection of ourselves to the world. Without seeing this connection, we always think we have to do something extra, and our lives will cost more energy than necessary. The foundation in you already has all the answers, but not seeing your current way of moving creates the amount of effort you move. 

The Answer

Chapeau, a great ode to yourself. It wasn't easy but you should appreciate the effort you've madeWhile staying connected to others, you've created your base through your own movement, your maximum abilities. You've come to a point where you deserve the equal chance to take that space, to come out of that body and take that stage as the others around you.

Our Way of Working

You don't create a connection by just focusing on the other person. You don't just create a connection by working. You do not create a connection by following another coaching. Your movement is your basis, you are discovering within yourself, to move with as little effort as possible. You have your feet, your body, your mind and the energy that moves through you.

We start at 6.00 NL time with training your own movement

We move together towards a meaningful simple life. Because that's your foundation; movement from the inside out. 

Our Awesome Team


Willemijn Nunnikhoven


Eugenius Ray

Tech Support

Joyce 't Hart


Your Contribution

By teaching in our community, we teach you how to design, adjust, correct, modify and structure an experience and how you can make a difference in what you already do on a daily basis by looking carefully at yourself and your own movement. After submitting your own evaluations, recorded lessons, and giving your lesson weekly, you will receive a certificate experiential exercise trainer level 3. You can offer experiential exercise lessons with yourself as a powerful basis and make the difference where you now thought you had reached your ceiling.

For this course it does not matter whether you have been coaching, teaching or just coming to watch for years. There is no difference between you and the other person, the only difference we see is that we create ourselves. Please note that no prior education is required. However, you do have an open, curious mind and the WILL to question what you still believe.

Most don't start
The first excuse that participants often make is yes in a few months then I sign up, now months later they are still wandering on. Wandering with the next excuse that 200 hours is a lot of hours, the investment a lot of money and in the meantime, they know that they have to do something so the brave decides to invest in time, in commitment and in money. Once we have started the training, we hear no different than how nice it is to train, because you have been able to give yourself space, it gives you clarity and you feel tired and satisfied after doing the training. You see what it means, and you don't want anything else.