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Learn with Trust Through Movement 

WILL Be Strong is an internationally accredited school where you will learn with trust.

We believe the way we move is our foundation in life!

We have trained 750+ enthusiastic participants worldwide who now move through their lives from strength with flow and flexibility

By using our training method, we show you that you can learn any "difficult" skill by discovering and experimenting trough movement

We offer high-quality education and teacher training for young and old that show you what you can do in every (challenging) life situation

Why Train with Us?


We've learned that "fit for all" doesn't actually exist. We believe that our strength is already there. This makes everyone unique in body, mind and maximum possibilities. That is why we train you during our 200 hours of teacher training to be able to understand yourself and what you are still doing unconsciously  in detail and during our 500 hours training, we give you daily personalized input for deepening your own practice or the program you give already. With all our training courses you have a powerful base with which you immediately get to what matters.


Everyone moves in life. We talk, walk, think, work, educate, love, exercise, eat, and so much more. 95% of the way we move is driven by what we learned during our childhood. Without being aware of it, we keep repeating what we have learned in all our daily movement.

When we stop repeating those movements that we are used towe can explore more of the meaning of our lives. We'll start to be aware of our movements and how we move on the base of what we ourselves already know intuitively. Therefore, we've created more opportunities for us to choose consciously.

Research shows that 95% of our movement takes place unconsciously when we cannot  see our own movements. We therefore invite you to come and train together, to consciously choose a new, meaningful movement with one of our accredited exercise courses. Train yourself through our curriculum and get the very best out of yourself!


We can only expand our movement when we step out of our comfort zone, can look at ourselves from a whole new perspective by playing, discovering and learning new ways of doing. 

Because the environment you are in every day, and the people you surround yourself with on a daily base feed your old way of doingBy taking you into new experiences on a daily basis, you see yourself from a completely new perspective. This is why we train together.

You are assured of the highest professional standards when it comes to broadening yourself, by experimenting and discovering with us during our training. The training where we teach you how to anchor a solid foundation in yourself with a single movement. With this you lay the foundation to always move with flow and flexibility.

After all, we all want the same thing at our core: CONNECTION!